If i go to bed now, and don't wake up tomorrow.. So be it.

Love letter number 1

So i am writing this for some kind of closure. And it’s really hard, because there simply not enough words to describe how I feel and I’m afraid that even if there were, I wouldn’t be able to write them.  Writing this is, as I said before hard. These kinds of words are hard to get right. Oh I wish so badly that I was writing some kind of academically letter right now, it would be so much easier. But here goes my try. I am in love with you, and I’ve been for a quite some time. Actually I fell in love with you the moment we met. You were so beautiful that day, so simple, so clean. And even though it was love at first sight, you’ve only grown more beautiful since we’ve met. And still after so long I see those little details that makes me love you so much. The way the light falls on you, the way you move and react. The way you are. And now when I’m sitting here on my plane away from you, I feel so hurt. Hurt by myself and my decision of leaving. I will miss you everyday but I will also treasure those golden moments we have shared. Remember that perfect afternoon in Montmartre? You were so good that day. Or maybe that morning when the rain was poring down and I ran across the street to buy bread? We’ve had our ups and downs that are for sure. And I have even hated you sometimes, but isn’t it always like that with great loves? You’re so honest with each other that sometimes it gets simply too much? You are my dream, and I’m so glad that I got the chance to live it, if only just for a moment.

You were and will always be my perfect match, Paris, I love you.


donnez-moi un chance pour te rater

Give me a chance to miss you

Ge mig en chans att sakna dig

Paris Paris och lite Ile de Ré

Okej, här är ingen uppdatering här alls. Anledning? Senaste två veckorna har jag dels befunnit mig på Ile de Ré och varit upptagen med att vinka av vänner som lämnat landet och såklart inkassera tillräckligt med utgångar så jag inte ska bli Paris-sjuk när jag åker härifrån..
Här är i allafall .. bilder från den senaste tiden

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