I just wanted to write. Write about feelings so strong that they could force you to do anything. Write about losing someone close, and to realise that life isn't that long. Write about people that made the most of their livingtime. Write about love. Love when it hurts you, love when it's making you happy. Love when it is everything. I wanted to write about the lifechanging choises we make, and why we do them.Why some people believe that you only have one soulmate, and about the people that have prooved them wrong. Theese were all the things i wanted to write about, but instead i wrote about you. About how your smile lights up the room and how your hair keeps falling down in your face. I wrote and wrote and wrote about evey single detail about you and your life. And then one day, you crushed me. Broke my heart. And i kept on writing, about you. And then i realised, i hade about all those things i from the very start had wanted to write about. I had written about how my feelings for were so strong for you, and how i did so many stupid things because of that. I wrote about how i would never find someone like you again, because there isn't enough time in a lifetime for two great loves. I wrote about how your choise of leaving me changed my whole life and ofcourse i'd write endless pages wondering why. And i wrote about love. Page after page about all the little things which resolves in love. And then one day out of the blue, I met a new you. A better you. A you that loved me and saw me.
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