Wrecked ego.

I really thought things would change. By changing city, country, even language, things had to change. Paris is my freezone, here is nothing reminding me of you. Its only happy memories associated with this town, happy and non-forgetable, but in a good way. There aren't any looking-back-and-missing-what-we-had-memories. So why do you need to come here and fuck things up?
I just wanna feel good about myself again, and since you, I haven't been able too. I don't want to blame you, my confidence depends on me and me only. But what you did, wrecked me. And I don't feel good enough anymore. How do I feel good about myself again? I'm trying to tell myself that nothing has changed, I'm the same girl I used to be. Still as beautiful, still as charming, cause on the outside it all looks the same. So tell me again, why did it change on the inside?


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